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Stretching Exercise Posters

Item C_CSL

These full-color posters provide a variety of exercises clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and descriptive photos. Choose which muscle group to use. 24" x 36". Available in paper or laminated. Learn More
Yoga for Kids CD

Item KIM9172CD

Yoga for Kids CD provides beginning yoga postures and techniques. Soothing background music helps achieve the emphasis placed on mind/body relaxation. Designed to exercise and strengthen all major muscles. Includes guide (48 pages). Made in the USA. Learn More
I Can Do...Yoga DVD

Item 102DVD

I CAN DO...YOGA DVD is for kids grades 1-6 who have already practiced yoga. A great way to practice basics learned in a previous class. Exercises include stretching, standing poses, breathing exercises, and simple meditation, along with the added excitement of the Name That Animal Game. 25 minutes. Made in the USA. Learn More
Yoga Brick

Item 30112

Perfect for additional stability needed during more difficult yoga poses. Made of durable and lightweight EVA Foam. 8-3/4" x 5-1/2" x 3".
Learn More
School Yoga Kit

Item OS-60212

School Yoga Kit includes 12 fun, kid-sized yoga mats Learn More
Wai Lana Yoga Teachers Kit

Item OS-10313

Introduce yoga to your students the fun and easy way with Wai Lana's exciting Teacher's Yoga Kit. This kit engages, entertains and delights children while simultaneously stretching and strengthening their bodies, sharpening their minds and improving their balance and coordination. Kit includes: 12 full sized brightly-colored yoga mats; bin box to store mats; colorful, illustrated instructional poster (36"L x 24"W); east to follow guide; 50-minute "The Invigorating DVD"; and a personal letter to teachers. Learn More
Health-O-Meter Floor Scale

Item 150KL

7" professional easy to read dial, 325lb. capacity, rugged steel base with non-slip pad. Reads in lbs. & kg. Learn More
Solo Digital Clinical Scale w/ BMI

Item OS-97709

Provides unmatched economical weighing quality! The solo® indicator features 8 simple buttons that are easily identifiable in any language. The serial port allows you to output measurement data to EMR/EHR software. The mechanical height rod measures 30"- 84-1/2" and is situated to the side of the LCD so it never intereferes with viewing measurements. Simply step on the scale to weigh and the scroll arrows let you enter your height to factor BMI. The oversized 14" x 15" platform with rubber mat is only 2-1/2" high, making it easy for patients to step on/off. Wheels allow for ease of transport.
Learn More
Health-O-Meter School Scale

Item OS-1402

A high quality scale with steel lever and mechanisms for greater durability. 350 lbs/160 kg. capacity. Includes height rod. Learn More
Detecto Portable School Scale

Item G-437

Starting at: $251.99
Our finest model! Compact linear styling. 4' 11" high with 350 lb. capacity. #439 pictured (with height rod). #438 includes both height rod & wheels. Learn More
Eye-Level Digital Scale

Item OS-500KL

Digital scale has easy-read, 1" high LCD readout, easy-to-move wheels, and a large, low platform with non-skid mat. User friendly interface features include: BMI (easy scroll method); zero out/tare; hold/release; lb/kg conversion; auto zero; auto off; allows Electonic Medical Record connectivity via USB. Includes 6 AA batteries. Includes height rod measuring from 30" to 84-1/4". Interface displayed at eye level.
Learn More
Waist-High Digital Scale

Item OS-499KL

Digital scale has easy-read, 1" high LCD readout, easy-to-move wheels, and a large, low platform with non-skid mat. User friendly interface features include: BMI (easy scroll method); zero out/tare; hold/release; lb/kg conversion; auto zero; auto off; allows Electonic Medical Record connectivity via USB. Includes 6 AA batteries. Interface displayed waist high.
Learn More
PowerMax Speed Timer

Item G-E3882X

Starting at: $725.99
The PowerMax Speed Timer is an affordable option for accurate timing of multiple athletes performing a number of trials. Designed for timing dashes of up to 50m or “T”-“L” agility drills. The PowerMax Speed Timer is the only timer that offers memory storage of 50 trials for 100 athletes and allows for results to be downloaded into a simple MS Excel spreadsheet.
Learn More
Fat and Muscle Replicas

Item G-14573

Starting at: $24.99
Grossly dramatic replicas of human fat and muscle are strongly motivating attention getters. Made of soft, pliable long-lasting vinyl plastic, the replicas have a profound memorable effect when passed around an audience. Made in the USA. Learn More
Slim Guide Skin Caliper

Item C120

Much lower priced, but still produces accurate results. Most widely used caliper, very durable, cannot be damaged by dropping, 2 year warranty. Includes complete instruction book. Made in the USA. Learn More
Fat Track Digital Caliper - 75% OFF!

Item 97838

Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price: $9.99

UPDATED VERSION! Measure and track body fat percentage privately, easily, and accurately for up to three users using 3-site management technique. Updated to incorporate state of the art technology for precision. Upgraded LCD provides greater contrast and clarity. Upgraded button functionality for greater use of ease. Includes software to help track, calculate, and chart progress of several measurements. Also includes tape measure up to 60" (152cm). Learn More
Baseline Skin fold Caliper

Item 58150

Lightweight, easy-to-use. Aluminum caliper with large (60mm) scale and needle indicator. Measurement arms with "floating tips" ensure accurate results. Includes case, instructions, and charts. /- 0.5 mm accuracy. Learn More
Lange Skin Caliper

Item C130

Adjust automatically for parallel measurement of skin folds. There is an easy-to-read scale and spring-loaded levers provide a substantially constant standard pressure of 10 gm./sq. mm. over the entire operating range. Each unit is supplied in an individual case. Learn More
Ekho Body Fat Analyzer

Item H200

The EKHO H-200 allows you reach your weight loss goals faster by monitoring your progress in losing body fat.
Learn More
BaseLine Bodyfat Analyzer

Item BA1122

Measure body fat/water % in seconds. With two hands, grip the comfortable curved handles of this silver body fat analyzer to measure body fat and hydration level. Measures body fat from 4%-45%, measures water percent from 37.8%-66% with .1% resolution. BaseLine BodyFat Analyzer has an 8-person memory and adult and child user modes. Plastic and steel construction. Lithium batteries included.
Learn More
Body Composition Monitor w/ Scale

Item HBF500

New design has four large foot-sensors results in an optimal measuring position. The weight measurement up to 150kg now guarantees optimal result. An accurate classification of the results for BMI, Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle and especially Visceral Fat immediately enables you to interpret your personal results. Features include:- Accurate entire body measurement- Weight measurement up to 150 kg- 8-sensor technology using both hands and feet- Visceral Fat level - 30 levels- Skeletal Muscle ranges from 5.0 to 50.0%- Weight, Body Fat, BMI with range indication Learn More
Pull-Up Trainer


Perfect solution to the modified pull up test based on Fitnessgram testing. Made of durable lightweight 1-1/4" steel, it easily adjusts from 21" to 35", with 8 height options in 2" increments. To adjust height you simply pull out the safety pin, slide the bar over, and remove it; then slide it into a new hole and re-insert the safety pin.
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Curl-Up Assessment Mats

Item OS-CM6

Use these 1/2" thick foam mats for testing curl-ups at all ages. One end measures 3" between lines (shown top); the other measures 4-1/2" between lines (shown bottom). Lines on the mats are raised, allowing students to be able to feel the lines, eliminating guessing. Mats roll up for easy storage. 24"W x 48"L. Set of 6.
Learn More
Head Harness

Item WE315

For strengthening the neck muscles. Adjustable head strap and chain included. One size fits all.
Learn More
Outdoor Tri Fitness Station

Item FT-902953

The Tri Fitness Station emphasizes muscular strength. Powder coated with stainless steel hardware. For ages 13+.

This machine can be used independently or in tandem with partners. Begin with the pull down station by positioning yourself on the seat facing away from center post. Place feet on bar and pull on the overhead bars for repetitions. This exercise will work shoulder & back muscles.

Next, position yourself on leg extension station and extend legs for repetitions. This exercise will work upper thighs.

Finally, position yourself on the abdominal station with back & arms positioned on rests. Lift legs for repititions to work abdominal muscles.
Learn More
Items 1 to 25 of 635 total
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