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Super XL Scoops


The 21" Super XL Scoops make playing toss and catch easier and helps develop hand-eye coordination. Comes with 12 scoops, 2 of each color and 1 each of 6 colored plastic grip balls. Learn More
Cosom Hi-Li Scoop Pack

Item OS-4137

Cosom Hi-Li Scoop Pack set includes 12 scoops and 6 softball sized Fun Balls. One pair of scoops with ball of each of the following colors: blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange. Learn More
6-Color Scoop Ball Set


A throwing and catching game with sure grip handles. Set contains 2 scoops and 1 softball size funball of each of the 6 colors: blue, red, yellow, purple, green & orange. Learn More
2-N-1 Soft Lacrosse Set

Item OS-17171

Prevent making separate purchases with this 2-n-1 Soft Lacrosse Set!

Head removes for tossing games or even scooter hockey!
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Item 16622

Katch-A-Baskets make all kinds of catching, tossing, balance, and cooperative games possible. Hands are kept close to the 6” diameter basket for easy control and feel with the 5” long handle. Remove the handles and use baskets for stacking, ground targets, balancing, or even storage.
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Item T6625

Simply weave the D-ring buckle belts through the basket webbing and secure around the waist to instantly create a moving, catching, and tossing human basketball goal! Toss foam or fleece balls between teammates to catch and place into the basket, or use the tummy or chest as a backboard for basketball-like shooting score. Set includes 6 baskets and 6 belts. Also usable with flag belts.
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Pop 'N' Catch

Item 12512

When the ball is in the launch basket, aim the basket toward a partner, then click the "pop" trigger with the thumb, which launches the ball into the air. Play catch with a partner or play catch with self, popping the ball straight up, then catching it. Includes 2 handheld launch/catch baskets and 1 ball. Learn More
Metal Horseshoe Set

Item R01

Designed for demanding park and institutional use. Set contains all the equipment necessary for 2 to 4 person play. Includes 4 solid steel horseshoes with a baked-on, non-slip finish that is electrostatically applied. Finish is more resistant to chipping, corrosion and weathering than other coatings. Also includes two 24" solid steel stakes, rulebook and an easy-to-carry case. Approved for Tournament play. 16.5 lbs. 26-3/4” x 7-3/4” x 2-3/16”. Made in the USA.
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Plastic Horseshoe Set

Item IHS1

Contains 4 durable plastic horseshoes, 2 rubber mats and 2 plastic stakes. Learn More
Foam Horseshoe Set

Item 4138

Ultra Sof Horseshoes are the first horseshoe set truly developed for elementary age students. Ultra Sof Horseshoes have a "spongy" foam core with Tuff-coat skin, making them both safe and durable. Learn More
Trapp Ball

Item 196

Features a large nylon net for catching (trapping) the ball and two foam covered handles with elasticized sides. The elasticized sides provide a trampoline effect on the ball and send it sailing. Trapp Ball may be used with or without a partner. Set includes 2 nets and 1 ball. Learn More

Item G-1422X

Starting at: $17.99
Use in many of the same ways you would use a parachute. Made of a rugged knotless nylon net with reinforced handles. Coordinated group effort is required to fling the included vinyl ball from one group to another. May be used indoors or out.
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Parachute Team Toss Set with Stay-on Handles


Set of 6 Team Toss Parachutes can keep 12 people active at a time!
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Spring Ring

Item SR16

The catchy, throwing, bouncy, flingy, fun ring! Adds extra zing to indoor and outdoor fun. Use it to give old favorites an exciting new twist. Set includes two 16" Spring Ring discs, one rubber ball, and one splash ball. Use either ball to play catch with 2+ people, or by self. Learn More
Paddle Ring Set

Item PR6

Paddle Ring Set comes with 6 rings and 3 balls!
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Bumper Sticks

Item BMP6

Bumper Sticks were designed to give students a fun and exciting tool to work on hand/eye coordination skills. When using the Bumper Sticks, students are forced to use extreme concentration. This training has a direct carryover to all racket and batting activities.
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Heavy-Duty PVC GoPong™ Ladder Toss

Item OS-LT01

This Premium GoPong™ Ladder Toss Game features two heavy-duty PVC ladder toss stands with three target bars each. Includes 6 outdoor bolos with real golf balls (3 blue & 3 red) and a convenient carry bag.
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Wham-O 140g Frisbee

Item 1754

High quality, perfectly balanced discs designed for accurate throws. Medium weight, sturdy design, excellent for a wide range of activities. 140 grams and 10" diameter. Shipped in assorted colors. Learn More
Wham-O 160g Frisbee

Item 1784

The largest and heaviest World Class Frisbee. 160 grams and 10 1/2" diameter. Floats slowly. Larger diameter for better sailing. Shipped in assorted colors. Learn More
Wham-O 200g Frisbee

Item 90010

Heavyweight 200g., 10 7/8” diameter, disc with mega sailing power! Soars long and high, even in the toughest wind. Shipped in assorted colors.
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Competition Flying Discs

Item G-FD100

Starting at: $10.99
Our competition flying discs are affordable, durable and available in two different weights. Each set includes one each of the following colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Learn More

Item G-EFX

Starting at: $1.99
86 gram, 9" disc in assorted colors. Quality discs at an economical price. Learn More
SpinJammer Discs

Item G-02XXX

Starting at: $3.50
Unique spin cone makes it easy to spin this disc on your fingertip. Even beginners can learn fancy tricks. Available in 2 sizes. Made in the USA. Learn More
Fun Gripper Discs

Item G-0090X

Starting at: $5.99
Soft and non-threatening, these brightly colored tie-dyed flying discs are made of sting free nylon. Rim is padded and provides an excellent grip. Recommended for use by elementary age children through adult. Use indoors or outdoors.
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Wham-O 175g Ultimate Frisbee Disc

Item 50995

This 175 gram Frisbee is the official model for Ultimate Frisbee. Large diameter and weight allow for precise passing in all playing conditions. Color: White. Learn More
Items 26 to 50 of 82 total
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