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Women's Olympic-style Bar

Item OS-WT1216

Women's chrome-plated bar, 79" long, weighs 15kg, 25mm grip, 400 lb. capacity.
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Pair of 10-lb. Olympic Bumper Plates

Item OS-WT210B

Bumper plates are the ideal tools for any lift from a standing position. Designed to impact the ground without creating damage to the floor, these new design plates are now thinner for those who require the ability to lift larger loads. 100% rubber plates with solid steel insert, and fits any Olympic-style bar. These plates are sold in pairs.
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Head Harness

Item WE315

For strengthening the neck muscles. Adjustable head strap and chain included. One size fits all.
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PowerMax Plate Holders

Item FT-WE526

Horizontal steel plate holder with powder coat finish. Made in the USA.
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A-Frame Plate Trees

Item G-5418X5

Starting at: $99.99
Space saving design has 7 pegs for weight storage. 29"L x 20"W x 36"H. Choose for use with either standard plates (pictured left) or Olympic plates. Learn More
York 110 lb. Combination Set

Item FT-BE066P

This 110 lb. set includes a 60" steel bar with speed-lock collars. Set includes four 10 lb, six 5 lb, and six 2.5 lb plates and two 14" speed-lock dumbbell bars. Shipped freight. Learn More
York 300 lb. Quad Grip Olympic Set

Item FT-145300

Set includes 45 lb. 7' Olympic chrome bar with revolving sleeves, two spring collars, two each of 45, 35, 25, 10 and 2 1/2 lb. cast iron plates, and four 5 lb. cast iron plates. Shipped Freight. Learn More
York 300 lb. ISO-Grip Olympic Sets

Item G-FT-ISO300X

Starting at: $619.99
ISO-Grip plates make for ease of pickup. Set includes 45 lb. 7' Olympic chrome bar with revolving sleeves, two spring collars, two each of 45, 35, 25, 10 and 2 1/2 lb. cast iron plates, and four 5 lb. cast iron plates. Plates are steel composite which are also available as rubber encased. Learn More
York 40 lb. Aerobic Weight 20 Set Pack

Item FT-10170

The 40 lb. Aerobic Weight Set is the one preferred and used by fitness clubs across the country. Safe, vinyl-covered plates with 54", 3 lb., hollow black bar and a pair of quick collars. Each set consists of two 10 lb., two 5 lb., and two 2 1/2 lb. plates. Available in a pack of 20 weight sets! Includes mobile rack that can safely and conveniently store the entire pack. (Just over $60 per set with a free mobile storage cart!) Shipped Freight.
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TKO Cardio Pump Set

Item FT-CP01

The Cardio Pump Package provides a great combination of cardio & strength training. The set includes a steel bar (55"L) covered with a comfortable foam grip, 6 PVC-coated Tri-Grip® plates (with 32mm center), along with a pair of spring collars. Plate center is 32mm dia. (1 1/4") & bar is 30mm dia.

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TKO Cardio Pump Group Packs

Item G-FT-CP

Starting at: $1,375.99
The Cardio Pump Group Packs offer more weights for group settings. Choose from 2 packs: with either 10 or 20 Cardio Pump Sets. Each pack has a specially designed rack to keep the equipment clean, organized, and to maximize floor space. Racks allow for easy access and weight selection. Shipped freight.
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FitBALL SoftMeds


Starting at: $11.99
FitBALL SoftMeds are a safe and effective way to add upper body strength training to exercise ball exercises. These small, sand-filled, weighted balls are perfectly sized for anyone who wants a soft, comfortable alternative to bulky dumbbells. The air inside easily adjusts with a needle pump for customized firmness. Learn More


A versatile weight trainer! Drop them, kick them, throw them, step on them! You’ll have a great workout because SandBells™ are made to be abused to give you the best possible workout.

SandBells™ are a combination of a sandbag, a dumbbell, a barbell, a medicine ball, a slam ball, a balance pad, and a kettlebell. They are great for stabilization, grip strength and can be thrown and caught safely. Available in 12 weight options. Shipped filled with sand.
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York Lifting Belt

Item G-YBL

Starting at: $43.99
Made of genuine cowhide. Belt is 2 1/2" wide at buckle and 4" wide in back to meet IWF/USWF requirements. Learn More
Youth Strength Training

Item 67928

This text brings light to what has been an unclear and often controversial topic: strength training for children and young adults. Design efficient, enjoyable, and productive programs for kids of varying abilities based on the most current research on instructional techniques and program design for youth.

Includes productive protocols for warming up & cooling down; procedures for enhancing joint flexibility; innovative ways to incorporate resistance exercises into PE, sport practices, and exercise facilities; and proper exercise technique for 111 resistance exercises using weight stack machines, free weights, medicine balls, elastics bands, and body-weight resistance. 248 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
The Great Dumbbell Handbook

Item 781926

Reap the benefits of training with dumbbells with this handy 64-page handbook.
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The Great Kettlebell Handbook

Item 780976

The Great Kettlebell Handbook teaches how to optimize the use of your Kettlebells! Handbook has easy to follow color photos and instructions to demonstrate 39 exercises and 3 sample routines. 64 pages.
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Dumbbell Exercise Posters

Item C_CDL

These full-color posters provide a variety of exercises clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and descriptive photos. Choose which muscle group to use. 24" x 36". Available in paper or laminated. Learn More
Kettlebell Poster

Item CKL

Kettlebell poster features 12 full-color Kettlebell exercises for working the whole body, chest, back and legs. All exercises are clearly explained with step-by-step instructions and descriptive photos. Laminated; 24” x 36”.
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Squat Stands

Item OS-WE155

Heavy gauge steel construction with a powder coat finish. Portable bar stands for performing squats and other exercises. Bar height is adjustable from 44” to 64” in 5” increments. 24” square stable base. Sold in pairs. 54”H x 16”W x 24”L. 68 lbs.
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Portable Squat Stands

Item FT-WE156

Constructed of 2” square 11-gauge steel tube with a powder coat finish. The bar height is adjustable from 30” to 66” in 2” increments allowing for bench press and overhead lifts. Upgraded "J-cup" style bar rests held in place by spring loaded pull pins, and are urethane covered.

Base dimensions are 42½” x 48½” for improved stability and performance. This is the ultimate multipurpose rack for those who need flexibility in programming and have limited space. 75”H x 49”W x 43”L. Weighs 96 lbs.
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PowerMax Lifting Station Platforms

Item OS-WE901

Side sections are made of 1½” layered recycled and re-vulcanized rubber mats to absorb the impact of weights. Middle section is 1½” thick red oak veneer core plywood. A powder coated steel frame surrounds the platform and keeps the pieces from shifting during use. Insert fits inside the base of PowerMax lifting racks. Rack, plates, & bars sold separately. Outer platform is 73¼“ x 97¼”. Made in the USA.
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Olympic Bench Press

Item FT-WE120

Constructed of 11 gauge, 2” welded square steel tubing. Fixed uprights. Bench is heavy foam padding on 3/4” plywood with durable-stitch seamed vinyl. Ships unassembled via freight. 48”H x 49”W x 48”L. 95 lbs.
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Glute/Ham Station

Item FT-WE200

Double set of foam rollers adjust front and back to accommodate athletes of all sizes. Additional horizontal carriage holes provide more secure adjustments. Rear foot post added to provide more all-around stability. The frame is 2” square 11-gauge powder coated steel, and has comfortable high density foam hip padding. Ships unassembled to offer protection from shipping damage. Assembled dimensions: 45”H x 38-1/2”W x 67-1/2”L. Weighs 100 lbs.
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Flat Utility Bench

Item OS-WE100

Constructed of 11 gauge, 2” welded square steel tubing. 10” wide bench is heavy foam padding on 3/4” plywood with durable-stitch seamed vinyl. Ships partially unassembled. 18”H x 16”W x 48”L. 32 lbs.
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Items 26 to 50 of 72 total
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