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Archery equipment specialized for use in Physical Education, at YMCA's and other youth organizations. Includes, bows, arrows, targets and safety gear

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Cedar Archery Arrows

Item G-HSCA12

Starting at: $62.99
Premium 5/16" cedar shafts with 3" feathers. Up to 35 lb bows. Available in 26, 28, and 30 inch lengths. HSCA72 is available in half-gross. Each dozen has same color fletch; half-gross come in 2 colors. Colors may vary. Made in the USA. Learn More
Standard Cedar Hardwood Archery Arrows

Item G-SCA12

Starting at: $48.99
5/16" cedar shafts with 2 1/2" feathers. Up to 30 lb bows. Available in 26" and 28" lengths. Made in the USA. Learn More
Standard Hardwood Archery Arrows

Item G-RCA72

Starting at: $215.99
5/16" hardwood shafts with 2 1/4" feathers. Up to 35 lb bows. Painted finish. Available in 26" and 28" lengths. Available in half-gross. Made in the USA.
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6-Color Wood Arrows

Item G-HSRB72

Starting at: $365.99
5/16" Port Oxford cedar shafts with 3" feathers. Up to 35 lb. bows. Clear laquer finish. Sold by the half-gross (72 each). 6-Color set consists of 12 each of red, blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow. Cock feather is white. Choose from 26", 28" or 30" in length. Made in the USA. Learn More
Deluxe Fiberglass Archery Arrows

Item G-FGTA12

Starting at: $56.99
Very durable, high quality 5/16" fiberglass with 3" rubber vanes and steel target points. Up to 50 lb. bows. Available in two lengths. Learn More
Fiberglass Arrows

Item G-1075XX

Starting at: $229.99
These new and more durable fiberglass arrows are strong and flexible with 3" rubber vanes. For use up to 30 pound bows. Available in 28" and 30" lengths. Sold by the half-gross (72). Learn More
Genesis Bows

Item C-GB1

With the Genesis™ System draw length is no longer an issue!
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Indian Glass Flex Fiberglass Bows

Item G-RG

Starting at: $17.99
Glass Flex target bows with wide-working recurve limbs with full taper, full sized molded handles with a checkered grip. Fits left and right-handed shooters. Available in four sizes. Lengths are measured when strung.
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Bull's Eye Recurve Bow

Item G-A210X

Starting at: $98.99
Bull's Eye Recurve Bow features:
• Take down design
• Quality wood riser
• Multi-laminate limbs
• For right hand users only
• Suggested for ages 12+
• Available in 3 lengths
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Elementary Compound Archery Bow

Item A214

Compound bow with solid fiberglass construction and continuous cable design. For left and right hand use. Recommended exclusively for elementary use. Learn More
Genesis Bow Replacement Bow String

Item GB2

Replacement bow string for the Genesis Bow.
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Archery Double Loop Bow Strings (Order off AMO)

Item G-A340

Starting at: $4.99
Double loop braided Dacron bowstring. For bows up to 45 pounds. AMO refers to actual bow length. For example, if you have 50" bows, order AMO 50 bow strings. Made in the USA. Learn More
Heavy Duty Stranded Archery Bow Strings (order based on AMO)

Item G-D5

Starting at: $5.99
Fully served custom Dacron bowstrings. Ply-wax finish for durability. For bows 50-65 pounds. Even lengths 46" through 66", as well as 40". AMO refers to actual bow length. For example, if you have 50" bows, order AMO 50 bow strings. Made in the USA.
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HybriMAT Prodigy School Target

Item FT-NASP34

HybriMat Prodigy mat was build to be the perfect target for school archery programs. This target mat will take tens of thousands of shots. Then simply replace the inexpensive foam core, which is backed up by compression BallistiCore made right into the target. Made in the USA.
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Morrell NASP® Eternity Target

Item FT-ET108

Kids love shooting bows and arrows, and the NASP® (National Archery in the Schools Program) gets them started off in the right direction. With so many kids participating in the NASP® project, they need a target that is safe, long-lasting and easy to set up.

The NASP® Eternity Target measures 33" x 33" x 12" and incorporates new IFS (Internal Frame System) technology with the addition of four non-skid rubber wheels for effortless maneuvering. With safety being a key issue, a tip-proof stabilizing bar has been installed to prevent the target from falling over while in use. Unlike other school targets, no bulky stand or cart is needed as the target can easily be set up and stowed away by the smallest student.

The target's cover is made of high-grade, 6.5 ounce polypropene nylon weave with a standard 80cm FITA face on the front and four 80cm patches on the back for those shooters with more experience.

The NASP® Target is filled with numerous layers of fibers, including our patented multi-layered floating center, which enables this target to stop arrows shot from high-poundage bows that might be used in afterschool programs. And because the stuffing NEVER WEARS OUT and the cover is replaceable, the NASP® Eternity Target will outlast all others. Made in the USA.
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School Practice CompCUBE

Item OS-SC20

The CompCUBE is free standing, lightweight, combines extreme durability with easy arrow removal, and is user friendly. Designed specifically for schools. It has 4 targets offering 4-side shooting. Works great with crossbow or compounds up to 450 FPS. 21" x 21" x 21".
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Ethafoam Archery Target

Item G-A51X

Starting at: $159.99
Our best targets! Constructed of 100% wound 6" thick ethafoam in 2 sizes. Self sealing, weatherproof and impervious to insects. Skirted target face included with the OS-A515 & FT-A516 targets. For use with recurved bows not exceeding 35 lbs. draw weight. The heavy-duty target is 7" thick with extra-duty ethafoam. Made in the USA.
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School Archery Target

Item OS-AS36

A favorite of schools and camps! A full 12" thickness gives this target the ability to last years. Cut flat on the bottom, it is free standing, which eliminates the need for expensive stands, and provides for easy set up. The 36" diameter allows plenty of shooting surface. Built-in handle for easy carrying. Designed for bows up to 60 lbs. Comes with a hang-on multi-color face. Made in the USA. Learn More
Light-Weight Fiber Flex Straw Archery Target

Item G-A500

Starting at: $216.99
Center-reinforced with Fiber Flex covering, self-healing, long-lasting & water proof. Available in two sizes. Learn More
Skirted Polyolefin Archery Target Faces


Starting at: $21.99
Polyolefin is a long lasting, man made, weather resistant fiber that is affixed to the target. Has skirt to wrap around the sides and back of target. Our most popular. Learn More
Heavy-Duty Flat Archery Target Faces


Starting at: $6.50
Heavy-duty square target faces made from weather & UV resistant, long-lasting material. Affixed to with target pins.
Learn More
Flat Tag Paper Archery Target Faces


Starting at: $3.25
These square faces are made from two tough sheets of heavy paper bonded together. Affixed to with target pins. Learn More
Target Face Pins (set/4)

Item 14172

Press into target, give a quarter turn and your target face is locked on tight. Reverse a quarter turn to release. Sold in a set of four. Learn More
Poly Target Face

Item ET109

Poly target face for the Morrell NASP® Eternity Target.
Learn More
Nylon Archery Net

Item G-5140X

Starting at: $29.99
Each net will be 10' high by whatever WIDTH you select. However, the minimum width we sell is 10'. Here is a typical ordering example:
If you need a 12' WIDE section, the order quantity would be 12. That will get you a 10' H x 12' wide net. Need a 15' wide net, the order quantity will be 15 and so on... Learn More
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