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Specialized Badminton Equipment including Rackets, Nets and Shuttlecocks/Birdies for use in Physical Education, by teams and by serious home enthusiasts.

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Carlton Aeroblade 4000

Item I4000

Carlton Aeroblade 4000 is designed for high school & college level play!
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Carlton Aeroblade 3000

Item A3000

Ideal for junior high and high schools! Titanium alloy frame with tempered steel shaft has nylon strings. 26" long. Weighs 3.6 oz.
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Carlton Aeroblade 2000

Item A2000

Thick gauge steel frame and shaft for schools! Nylon strings. 26" long. Weighs 4.3 oz.
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Carlton 4.3 Badminton Racket

Item T800740

Tempered steel shaft & aluminum head. Tournament nylon strings & grommets with an excellent grip. 26" long. Learn More
Wilson Match Point Pro Badminton Racket

Item BD89

Wilson's Match Point Pro badminton Racket is perfect for recreation! Ultra-strong steel frame & shaft with nylon strings. 26" long; 3.7 oz.
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Twin Shaft All Aluminum Badminton Racket

Item T00159

Black, all aluminum, one-piece construction frame with double shaft. Synthetic leather grip and nylon grommets. Nylon strings. 26" long. Learn More
Durex All Steel Badminton Racket

Item T00171

Black heavy-duty all tempered steel head and shaft. Aluminum T-piece. Black cowhide grip. Nylon covered stainless steel string. 26" long. Learn More
Twin Shaft Badminton Racket

Item T00172

All metal tempered steel racket with a bright red finish. Dual shaft. Heavy-duty nylon strings. Perforated black leather grip. 26" long. Learn More
All Chrome Badminton Racket

Item T00174

All-chrome tempered steel frame, shaft and T-piece. Braided nylon string. Synthetic leather grip. Economical racket. NOT recommended for junior high or high school use. 26" long. Learn More
Ultra Badminton Racket

Item 12864

Carbon graphite ultra racket with aluminum frame, graphite shaft and nylon strings. 26" long. Learn More
Twin Shaft Steel String Badminton Racket

Item 159SS

Excellent for institutions! This unique racket features twin I-Beam construction with heavy-duty nylon-coated steel strings. Leather grip. 26" long.
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Molded Badminton Racket

Item 106

Molded one-piece nylon badminton racket; virtually unbreakable. 26" long; 5.6 oz. Surprisingly realistic play from a durable 100% nylon racket!

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Mini Badminton Racket

Item G-BR0

Starting at: $7.99
Our mini badminton rackets place a full size badminton racket head closer to a young players's hand, making it easier to maneuver. For introducing badminton, we recommend beginning with our Fluff Balls. Choose our Deluxe Mini Badminton rackets for longest life. Learn More
Molded Badminton Rackets 6-Color set of 6

Item BR6N

These durable badminton rackets combine an unbreakable molded shaft with a traditional metal head with nylon strings. 26" long. Sold in a 6-Color set of 6.
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Mini Badminton Kit

Item 71871

Consists of 16 of our 16865 Mini Deluxe badminton racket, 4 tubes of shuttlecocks, 4 nets that are 21' long and made of a 15 ply soft nylon, and a canvas storage bag. Learn More
Badminton Kit

Item 71869

Consists of 16 of our Ultra Badminton rackets with carbon graphite shafts, 4 tubes of Carlton shuttlecocks (#00287W), 4 badminton nets (#910), and a canvas storage bag (#T443). Learn More
Balloon Badminton Racket set of 6

Item BDM16

Set of 6 rackets for Balloon Badminton. Head is 11-1/2" dia. Durable enough to use with whiffle balls. 16-1/2" long.
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Hand Racket

Item 14142

Makes learning all racket sports easier and much faster because there are no long handles, no wrong grip and weak wrists are not a problem. Simply slide on the Hand Racket to a child's hand and begin using just like a real racket. Made from safe, durable high density foam. Designed for lower elementary age children using foam or other lightweight balls. Learn More

Item GMN01

Goodminton™ is an easier racquet game than badminton or tennis! It improves hand-eye coordination and is the best way to introduce racquet sports to students of all ages & skill levels. Set includes 4 Goodminton Birdies (2 fast, 2 slow), 2 paddles, and a carrying bag.
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6-Color Set Badminton Rackets

Item 24571

Imagine a Physical Education badminton racket that's super light with no strings or frame to break! Foam so tough it can not be picked at like nerve foam. Guaranteed for 2 years. 8" diameter head and a 12" handle for more speed when striking a shuttlecock. Sold in a 6-Color set. Made in the USA.
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6-Color Set of Lollipop Paddles

Item 62552

Imagine a Physical Education badminton racket that's super light with no strings or frame to break! Foam so tough it can not be picked at like nerve foam. Guaranteed for 2 years. 8" diameter head and a 7" handle. Good for young players as it puts their hand close to the striking area. 6-Color set. Made in the USA.
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Standard Duty Badminton Nets

Item G-910-X

Starting at: $19.99
Each of these nylon nets features 2" vinyl head bands and taped side and bottom bindings. Each is 21' long. Available in two grades. Learn More
Heavy Duty Badminton Net

Item 4506

This championship net is made from 7/8" square, knotless, heavy-duty nylon netting, treated for all weather. 1 1/2" white nylon binding on top and sides. 21' x 2 1/2'. Learn More
Gared 21' Badminton Net

Item BD6620

Badminton net only. Designed for Gared Portable Badminton System. 21' long x 2'6" high.
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Badminton Pro Set


Badminton Pro Set has 1-1/2" telescopic 3-piece aluminum poles. Official 21' size net with 4" side sleeves and 1" top tape. 3/16" double guyline set with tension rings. 3/16" pre-measured bounday (20' x 44'). Includes four 10" ABS ground stakes, 4 aluminum frame racquets with steel shafts, 3 nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips, and a carrying bag with full zipper & carrying straps. Learn More
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