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Balance products specialized for use in fitness classes, Physical education, at YMCA's and other organizations.

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Cosom Balance Master

Item 53002

Perfect for skiers, gymnasts, aerobics, dancers - anyone who wants to improve their balancing ability. It's simple, fun, a great workout that helps develop coordination. Made of rigid plastic with two no-skid surfaces. Shipped in assorted colors. Learn More

Item G2260

Its cool design and multiple uses help to make Robo-Board challenging and inspiring for children from 4 years and up. The Robo-Board trains weight transfer, dynamic balance and provides proprioceptive stimulation. When the child's weight is shifted to one side, using muscular force and rotation around the spinal column, the child can rotate in a circular movement of up to 360 degrees. 160-lb. weight limit.
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Lo-Lo Ball

Item G-900

Starting at: $14.99
Increase balance, agility, endurance, coordination and rhythm. Suitable for all age groups. Available in a set of 4 (1 each of red, blue, green, & yellow) or individually in assorted colors.
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Balance Board

Item GA137P

How long can you balance? Place one foot on one end, the other foot on the opposite end, then balance and maintain equilibrium. Made in the USA. Learn More
Wobble Board Kit

Item WBK

Set of 3 Fitterfirst balance boards will challenge users of all skill levels, spanning from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Set features a 20" Rocker Board, and 20" & 16" Wobble Boards. Great for motor skills development or rehab progression. Includes wooden rack with slots to store up to 5 boards.
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Cando Econo Wobble Board

Item WB1745

14” diameter wobble board makes balance training fun. Raised circles on surface makes the board slip resistant. Helps increase muscle tone in calves and ankles.
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FitBALL Deluxe Board


FitBALL Deluxe Board has an extra-large surface with plenty of room for wide-stance training. Use the 6 slots in the board for a resistance tube to enhance workout. Heavy-duty plastic construction with multi-directional fulcrum which provides balance challenges for beginners or pros. Base is 19 1/2" x 27". Learn More
Hang Ten Balance Board

Item 82781

This is a great tool to teach balance in the Athletic Position needed in virtually all sports. The Balance Board is adaptable, allowing it to be easy for young children or more challenging for older children. Add-on fulcrums (included) allow you to adjust the difficulty level and the "z" track provide the challenges. Comes with a handy Activity Guide. Works best to 175 lbs.
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Wobble Disc

Item G-10225X

Starting at: $17.99
"Core" harmony is the healthy performance of a fit body. Wobble Disc promotes such harmony by developing the muscles around the spine, pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. Add throwing & catching activities while balancing to make fitness fun. Sold individually in assorted colors, or in a 6-Color set of 6. 13" diameter; 4-1/2"H (when inflated).
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Wobble Disc Balance Dome

Item WB1941

The CanDo® Wobble Ball can be used for vestibular stimulation, core training, and general balance exercises. You can adjust the level of difficulty by adding or removing air. Use the dome curved-side down as a seat, rocker board, or to kneel on for vestibular activities. With the flat side down, use for balance, core and strengthening exercises. 18" dia.
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Spooner Boards

Item G-SPN

Starting at: $44.99
Spooner Boards captivate active kids with fast-paced action! Amazingly versatile for free play & mastering complex tricks. Spooner makes it easy to learn skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding techniques all year round. Improves core strength and stability, leg strength, balance, coordination and gross motor skills. The wide base makes it so easy to keep balanced and develop boarding confidence.
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Balancing Board

Item OS-G2102

Ideal for rocking from side to side, spinning around, and balancing. Children can stand or sit on the board. Helps children develop their motor skills and balancing abilities. Equipped with anti-skid profile and four integrated handlebars. Both indoor and outdoor use. 125-lb. weight limit.
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Round Seesaw

Item OS-G2106

Amuses and excites children as it moves in all directions! The Round Seesaw is particularly suited for smaller children and can be used by one child alone or two children simultaneously. The robust handles are covered with soft foam. 125-lb. weight limit. Ages 3 & up.
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Rock Around

Item OS-G2104

Children can sit in this spherical rocker and rock it from side to side, or spin around. There is room for two small children to sit in it together. Users can hold on to the rim without getting their hands jammed between the rim and the floor. Develops physical coordination skills. For indoors or outdoors. 165-lb. weight limit. Ages 3+.
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Original Indo Training Pack

Item OS-IB01

Beginners start balancing on the Indo Board by touching a wall or asking a partner to spot them, and a mat or carpet can be used to slow the rocking motion. As students progress from the Indo Board alone, to the inflatable IndoFLO cushion, then on to the hi-impact plastic roller, their confidence will improve. Once students have mastered balance, add bean bags, free weights or medicine balls to deepen core strength. Learn More
CanDo® 15"x18" Balance Board

Item BD18G

Use the heavy-duty CanDo® balance board to strengthen and condition lower body. Improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills. Balance board is durable, heavy-duty, and non-skid. The balance board is made of a strong but lightweight plastic for portability.
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CanDo® 16" Round Balance Board

Item BD16G

Use the heavy-duty CanDo® balance board to strengthen and condition lower body. Improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills. Balance board is durable, heavy-duty, and non-skid. The balance board is made of a strong but lightweight plastic for portability. Learn More
Indo Board Curriculum Kit

Item IB02C

Indo Board Curriculum Kit is a valuable tool for your program which includes activity ideas for using the Indo Board Training Pack, an instructional DVD and assessment tools. Made in the USA. Learn More
FitBall Balance Pod


Fun balance training tools. Arrange pods (5" dia.) in patterns on the floor, then balance from pod to pod. Place flat side down for less challenge or rounded side down for greater challenge. Sold in a set of 6 pods. Colors may vary. Does not include a storage bag. Learn More
Dome Cone Sets

Item G-18508X

Starting at: $32.99
Dome Cones are for the playing field and the gym floor. Hard Dome Cones are constructed of durable polyethylene. Soft cones collapse when stepped on. Each set contains 36 cones: 6 each of blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. Each set has its own storage pole. Learn More
River Stones (Set of 6)

Item RS6

Set of 6 River Stones, (3 medium, 3 large) Learn More

Item G2121

Five-piece set comes in three different heights. Helps develop children's ability to estimate distances and make them familiar with heights. Each Hill Top is provided with rubber feet to prevent slipping and to protect the floor. Cannot overturn. For grades pre-K to 3. Maximum weight: 110 lbs. Two are 3" high, two are 7" high, one is 10" high. Learn More
Tiger Paws

Item 10224

Attached to each foam Tiger Paw is a nylon cord with handle to hang onto with each step. Handle extends 18" from paw. Each paw is 9" long and 7 1/4" wide. Orange with black. Available in pairs. Learn More
Top L' Tug

Item AT2004

Top L'Tug requires thinking and strategizing to be successful. Each player starts reeling in the rope in an effort to have as much rope as possible to skillfully tug and give force to the opponent to step off the platform, thus determining the winner. First learn to play with the square platform, Then experienced players may move on to the advanced level by removing the inner round platform. This smaller platform makes balancing skills even more critical and challenging. Includes 2 square platfoems with removable round inner platforms, soft cotton rope and instructions. Learn More
AIREX® Balance Pad (pack of 10)

Item OS-23501PK

The AIREX® Balance Pad is manufactured from closed-cell ultra-soft specialty foam consisting of millions of air bubbles. They gently compress as you stand on them, making you feel as if you were standing on a cloud. Blue. Can be used indoor, outdoor, or in water. 20"L x 16"W x 2.5" thick. Pack of 10 pads.

The balance pads are effective for sport training, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy in a variety of ways. Use for balance training, coordination and reaction training, posture stability training, balanced motion cardio training, motor skill training to maintain balance. Useful for students to improve coordination, reaction, flexibility, balance, and stamina.
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