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Find books for Physical Education class, recess, dance, fitness, sports, games & much more. Specialized material for teachers, coaches and instructors.

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101 Fun Warm-Up And Cool-Down Games

Item 10208

This book will help you replace boring warm-ups and cool-downs with activities that are fun and stimulating. Choose from 41 games that can be used in a variety of situations and 60 sport-specific games covering 7 sports. Many games are so engaging that students will hardly know they're warming up or cooling down. Handy game finder included. 184 pg. Made in the USA. Learn More
No Gym? No Problem!

Item 57707

No Gym? No Problem! Nearly 100 pilot-tested and engaging games and activities that meet NASPE national standards. Made in the USA. Learn More
Great Games for Big Activity Balls book

Item 74810

Add more fun, excitement, and variety to your program with big activity balls! This book is ideal for anyone who works with kids and provides them with a variety of cooperative games, water games, and modified classic games. Presents 73 games with more than 70 variations of activities and games. 240 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
50 Ways To Use Pins book

Item 33538

Bowling Pins aren't just for bowling anymore! This book shows you how incorporate pins into a wide variety of fun-filled activities that require teamwork, speed, stamina & strength. 83 pages. Learn More
100 Ways to Use Gym Mats

Item 39327

Provides exciting ways to incorporate mats into any lesson. Contains games, fitness routines, warm-ups, sport specifics, and basic skills will strengthen the physical education unit. Uses muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. 181 pages. Learn More
25 Kickball Activities

Item 25KB

These 25 activities won`t leave your students stuck playing the same old games!
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101 Classroom Games: Energize Learning in Any Subject

Item 95105

All 101 games in this handy book make learning memorable, fun, and successful. You can use them as effective starter activities, for the middle part of a lesson to reignite learning when you see the kids’ eyes start to glaze over, or as complete activities to help you assess your students’ learning.
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Tag, You're It!: 101 Tag Games for Fun, Fitness, & Skills

Item 72795

A unique collection of 101 purposeful and challenging funpacked tag games to help children develop cardiovascular health and valuable movement skills. Traditional tag games are modified to increase learning and total participation. The quick, easy-to-use format is ideal for physical educators. Each game includes a skill purpose, number of players, necessary equipment, and instructions. 109 pages.
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World's Greatest Dodgeball Book

Item 89191

The greatest dodgeball games ever created are assembled in one easy-to-use book. Promoting fair play and nonelimination, everyone, kids and teachers alike, will love these games. Be ready to dip, duck, dive, and dodge. 58 pages.
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The First Six Minutes!: The Original Start-Up Guide for K-12 P.E.

Item 72207

This Original P.E. Start-Up Guide contains new and exciting games and activities designed to get all your students moving within the first 6 minutes of class; 1 minute of instruction followed by 5 minutes of purposeful activity. The activities in this book were carefully selected to help physical educators capture student attention early, thereby setting the tone for an active and focused class. 237 pages.
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Your Body Is Your Gym Activity Book

Item BYG01

Get physically fit just using your body – no special equipment necessary! Your Body Is Your Gym Exercise Activities is a collection of 50 physical activities and games for kids that incorporate cardio fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, and full body exercises. Step-by-step photos of kids demonstrate how to do the movements with proper form and each movement is incorporated into imaginative and fun physical activities and games to be played in a group setting. A perfect resource for physical education classes or after school programs! 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"; spiral bound.
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Make It Take It (fitness games)

Item 72191

Includes step-by-step directions, illustrations, and ready-to-copy templates. The task cards contain pictures along with written directions, helping students get to work quickly in both large and small group settings. Plus, many teachers report that they have left task cards in substitute teacher lesson plans, knowing that the students look forward to these fitness games and activities. 25 games for grades K-8. 222 pages.
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Team Building Through Physical Challenges

Item 359

This book teaches teamwork through challenges. Each member of the team learns to brainstorm, develop a plan of attack, and listen to others. Each member of the group is important because everyone must meet the challenge before the team can succeed. Fully illustrated with diagrams and photos. 145 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
Best New Games Book

Item 4184

The New Games Book is for groups of all ages and abilities. Each game is meant to be played just for fun. Features 130 illustrations, 77 games, and 7 trust activities. Easy to use game finder helps you to find the ideal game. Also provides tips and instructions on how to adapt and create games. Provides an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to have fun while being physically and mentally active. 224 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
Mix, Match & Motivate - 70% OFF!

Item 10211

Regular Price: $18.99

Special Price: $5.69

This book presents activities that allow all students to succeed, lets you mix and match activities to create varied daily lesson plans, and ensures that your students are meeting the NASPE standards for skill and fitness development. Includes an activity finder to make it easy to select activities that meet your students’ needs. HAS MINOR BLEMISHES.
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Physical Education Fireworks - 70% OFF!

Item PEF

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price: $7.49

Fire up your program with time-tested games, rhythms and other activities for children of all ages. Can be used in a variety of settings. Classroom teachers, recreational youth leaders, after-school day care workers, churches and camps will also find this to be a helpful resource. Contains hundreds of games that have been carefully selected. 170 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
Great Activities Parachute Book


This parachute activities book contains 78 pages of interesting and exciting ideas for parachute fun. Easy to read chapters include many activities for games, workouts, and dances. Music sources included. Made in the USA. Learn More
Hoop-La Activities Book

Item HL

This innovative book is filled with exciting activities using hula hoops! Hoop Games and Relays, Hoop Fitness Activities, Fun Hoop Drills for Sport Skills, and Using Hoops for Developing Basic Skills. The addition of hoop games to the traditional curriculum equals fun for your students and creates a hoop-la in the gym! Made in the USA. Learn More
Chicken and Noodle Games


Chicken and Noodle Games book offers a variety of games that will keep everyone participating while increasing students' physical activity. It provides inclusive and nontraditional games and allows you to adapt games to various settings and occasions. 264 pg. Made in the USA. Learn More
Parachute Games

Item 793X

Will help you revitalize your programs and involve participants in exciting, easy-to-do activities. With 60 parachute games and 120 photos, it's a fresh source of ideas for elementary and middle school educators. Parachute Games is full of fun, low-cost, high interest activities that use a minimum of equipment and can involve a maximum of participants. 160 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
P.E. Connections

Item 978073

PE Connections sheds new light on what it means to be successful in physical activity settings with 136 fun physical activities that meet the movement skill, fitness, and social competency objectives as outlined in NASPE standards 5&6. Also provides an activity finder, sample lesson plans and 33 pages of reproducibles. Suitable for children ages 5-14. 265 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
Old Favorites, New Fun! - 60% OFF!

Item 606282

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price: $9.99

Provides creative twists and refreshing modifications of classic activities, resulting in a wealth of choices to supplement your existing physical education curriculum. Features more than 350 thoroughly field-tested activities addressing core P.E. content; development of locomotor, manipulative, rhythmic, body and spatial awareness, and health-related fitness skills; and more. 281 pg. Made in the USA. Learn More
No Standing Around In My Gym

Item 90867

Keep all students active even with a large class. Shows you fresh ways to teach ages 4-11 basic fitness concepts, movement skills, and games that emphasize creative thinking and cooperation. Increase time students are active, minimize discipline problems, develop healthy attitudes and save valuable lesson prep time. 176 pages. Made in the USA. Learn More
50 Ways To Use Your Noodle

Item 54620

Noodles, like our Foam Fun Rods, are very popular because of the wide range of activities you can do with them. This book provides you with a wide variety of games and problem solving activities to do with noodles on dry land. Easy to follow instructions with pictures and diagrams. Learn More
Games To Keep Kids Moving

Item T013352

Includes 150 challenging, enjoyable P.E. games and activities that promote 100% participation and give every child a chance for success, individually or as a member of a team. Grades 3-8. 280 pages. Learn More
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