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Osteoporosis and related fracture are serious problems for adults—and the best protection against bone loss later in life is to achieve optimal bone strength during childhood and adolescence. As a teacher or recreation leader, you have the opportunity to enhance children’s bone health and muscle strength by using the evidence-based programs and activities provided in Building Strong Bones & Muscles. The book offers practical games and activities that are: • research based so you know recreational or PE time is spent on effective, health-promoting activities; • classroom tested to ensure the activities are not only worthwhile but also fun for children; • easy to implement by the general classroom teacher or other leader because they use commonly available physical activity equipment or no equipment at all; • fully illustrated to make the games and activities easy to implement with minimal preparation with the use of reproducible task cards; • appropriate in a variety of settings, with activities and teaching techniques for three developmental levels, multiple cross-curricular connections, and activity variations. The book presents a variety of ideas for circuits and stations, games, gymnastics, dance, and supplemental activities. You’ll also find these features: •Cross-curricular worksheets and reproducibles •Assessment tools •Achievement recognition and motivation tools that make it easy to implement the activities effectively In as little as 10 minutes a day, three times a week, the preventative measures in Building Strong Bones & Muscles can help your students achieve optimal bone health and muscle strength and decrease their risk of developing osteoporosis.

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