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A wide variety of Frisbees and disc games for physical education class, individuals, and disc golf enthusiasts.

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Disc Slam® Game

Item DS01

A Fun Outdoor game for 4 with easy to set-up targets! Disc throwing with a competitive edge. Targets pop up in seconds. Game involves throwing accuracy, player agility and a bit of luck. Folds up compactly in included case for easy transport. Ideal for use indoors or out. For ages 12+.
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Kan Jam

Item G-50006

Starting at: $39.99
Teams of two compete using a flying disc and two scoring containers. This interactive sport with an instant win feature keeps players engaged through the final play of the game. Portable and designed for fast-paced action, both indoors and out. Made in the USA.
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Item SUR1

Throw your disc through the slots to score! Points vary based on slot size. Deflect a partner's disc into a slot for points, too! Includes, a 24" x 42" target, two throwing discs, and a carry bag.
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Item DHR01

Play basketball with a flying disc! This exciting new game is easy to play and can involve as many players as you wish. Disc-Hoops™ can be played indoor or outdoor where there is a basketball goal. Includes activity guide. Disc-Hoops™ goal is approximately 32"W x 15"H and hangs 23" from the basketball rim. Discs sold separately.
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Shield SaucerSlam®

Item SS801

SaucerSlam is an easy, fun game for all ages. Similar to horse shoes, but played with a flying disc. Teams of two compete with a 10" flying disc and 2 scoring containers. Can be used indoors or out. Includes activity guide displaying 8 SaucerSlam games. Containers are 17" dia. and can fold flat for storage.
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Super Loop IX Target Set

Item OS-SL9

Create your own outdoor disc golf course, use for target practice, or create your own game!

Set includes:
• 9 2-piece uprights
• 9 18" target hoops with attached nets
• 9 poly ground stakes
• 4 playing discs
• 9 numbered marker flags
• 1 convenient black carry bag Learn More
Super Loop II Target Set

Item OS-SL2

Set includes two 2-piece uprights to allow different playing heights and two 18" target hoops with attached nets. Also includes poly ground stakes and 4 flying discs. Learn More
Adjustable Targets

Item G-1023X

Starting at: $44.99
This height-adjustable target has a built-in net catcher for flying disks, bean bags, foam footballs, softballs and more. Use it for games and skill development. The 12" x 32" wide target can be easily adjusted to heights of 45", 49", 53", 57" and 61". Stands secure in its own base that you fill with sand or water. Available individually, in a set of 3, or in a set of 9. Learn More
Disc Golf Equipment Cart

Item OS-EC067M

Will hold entire 9-hole OS-GA540M outdoor disc golf set, and all but the bases of the indoor OS-GA541M set. Cart is made of durable galvanized steel. This unique cart has a pocket to hold up to 36 discs as well as a pocket for all the PVC poles in our sets. The other side includes a rack for hoop storage and a tray to hold 9 ground sockets. Cart also features large 8” rubber wheels for easy transport of an entire disc golf set anywhere (indoors or outdoors). Simply load, tip, and roll to whatever location you want! Learn More
Individual Indoor Targets for the Hoop Target Game

Item G-GA545M

Starting at: $98.99
Indoor Hoop Target Game individual targets with steel bases are available in three sizes. Each base weighs 6.6 lbs.
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Indoor/Outdoor Hoop Disc Target Game

Item OS-GA541M

This portable nine hole disc golf course sets up in minutes. Provides cooperation, confidence and coordination development. Includes 9 numbered targets (three 40" high, three 52" high and three 64" high), 9 discs, and 9 numbered flags. Includes nine 14" steel bases. Each base weighs 6.6 lbs. Individual targets available.
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Individual Outdoor Targets For The Hoop Target Game

Item G-GA542M

Starting at: $48.99
Outdoor Target Game individual targets available in three sizes. Learn More
Outdoor Hoop Disc Target Game

Item OS-GA540M

This portable nine hole course for disc sets up in minutes. Set includes 9 numbered targets (three 40" high, three 52" high and three 64" high), 9 discs, 9 10" numbered tees, and 9 steel ground sockets. Learn More
Heavy-Duty Skill Shots

Item G-11717X

Starting at: $132.99
The original lightweight portable disc golf target! It weighs 26 lbs. with a 16 chain assembly. Portable, allowing play in any environment. Easy to transport, catches great, and is PDGA approved. Pops up in seconds and collapses quickly too. Comes complete with stakes, flag, and carrying case. Available individually, in a set of 3, or in a complete set of 9. (Colors are subject to availability.)
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DISCatcher Traveler Targets

Item G-11719X

Starting at: $132.99
The DISCatcher Traveler is also a full-size target, but is even easier to transport, weighing only 12 lbs. Quick set up and take down. Extra-wide basket and 4 legs providing a sturdy base. Includes removable flag and tote bag. Available individually, in a set of 3, and in a complete set of 9. (Colors are subject to availability.)

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DISCatcher Sport Target

Item OS-11718

The DISCatcher Sport is a full-size target that weighs 40 lbs. and is portable. Construction is durable with 18 galvanized chains. Simple set up in just 5 minutes. Disassembly for easy transportation or compact storage. Approved for PDGA tournament play. Learn More
Complete Disc Golf Sets


Starting at: $146.99
Portable disc golf target can be taken to play anywhere! Target is 52-1/2" high with sturdy outer support ring. The support pole has protective black powder-coated finish. Features 1-1/4" x 4mm zinc-plated chain set to catch discs in wire basket. Also includes 6 discs (2 driver, 2 midrange, 2 putters) and 4 steel 10" ground stakes for additional support & stability.
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Disc Golf Discs

Item DG126

Set of 3 aerodynamically weighted 7" diameter discs includes a driver (160g), midrange (160g), and a putter (167g); all the discs you need to play disc golf!
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Disc Golf Heavy-Duty Class Pack

Item 13550

Disc golf discs are specially designed for heavy-duty use. The 3-piece set included in this class pack consists of a "driver" for long range shots, a multipurpose disc for medium shots and "putter" for close in shots. 8 1/2" diameter. 175 to 180 grams each. PDGA approved. Pack includes 12 sets of discs, 12 blue back packs for carrying discs, and 1 red mesh storage bag. Learn More
3 Piece Disc Golf Set

Item 13529

Disc golf discs are specially designed for heavy-duty use. This 3-piece set includes a 'driver' for long range shots, a multipurpose disc for medium shots and a 'putter' for close in shots. The discs are 8 1/2" in diameter and weigh 175 to 180 grams each. PDGA approved. Made in the USA. Learn More
Satryan Ball 6-Color set of 6

Item 33326

The Satryan Balls are a new type of flying disc with a twist!
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Satryan Ball

Item 33320

The Satryan ball is a new type of flying disc with a twist. You inflate it like a ball and throw it like a Frisbee. You can catch a Satryan Ball like a Frisbee or use two hands and catch like a ball. Turn the Saturn ball on its side and it bounces. Made from soft and flexible vinyl. Shipped in assorted colors. 8" diameter. Learn More
Big Top Flying Disc

Item 41245

Firm outer rim gives stability to the flight pattern of the Big Top Flying Disc. Easy to throw and catch. Smooth fabric is collapsible and allows for soft catching. Comprised of six colors (blue, red, purple, green, orange and yellow). Diameter is 10". Learn More
Dodgebee Flying Disc

Item DB270

Dodgebee is an exciting, fast-paced interactive game that promotes healthy exercise, team sportsmanship, and safe play! Learn More
Fun Gripper Discs

Item G-0090X

Starting at: $6.25
Soft and non-threatening, these brightly colored tie-dyed flying discs are made of sting free nylon. Rim is padded and provides an excellent grip. Recommended for use by elementary age children through adult. Use indoors or outdoors.
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