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Spiral bound curriculum. 116 pages.

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Educaching® GPS Curriculum

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Educaching® is a curriculum that brings the popular adventure sport of Geocaching to the schoolyard. With this curriculum and a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) device, students set about using Physical Education, Math, Science, Language Arts and technology to solve real life problems.

For example, one of the 20 included lesson plans, designed for grades 4-8, asks the students to use a GPS to locate the 4 corners of a large rectangle in the schoolyard. Students then calculate the perimeter of the rectangle. You can also create your own lesson plans. For example, you might make circuit training more interesting by having students use their GPS to find the waypoint of a football goal post where they run a hundred yard dash. Add additional waypoints with additional activities and circuit training just became fun!

The Educaching® curriculum is aligned with National Teaching Standards, incorporating 21 century learning skills. Each lesson plan spells out in detail the objectives, the materials needed, and step by step procedures to follow. Lessons vary from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced levels. Spiral bound. 116 pages.

To implement Educaching, we recommend one GPS unit per group of 2 to 4 students. While most GPS units work with this curriculum, we offer the GeoMate.jr GPS receiver because its affordable, durable, fun and easy to operate. Made in the USA.

Click "Instructions" link below for a free sample Educaching lesson plan.
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