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Ringmaster Game™

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Ringmaster Game™


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Ringmaster is a fast action, non-contact, high cardio game involving risk, reward, offense, defense and a lot of fun. If your kids love Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball, Team Hand Ball or similar invasion games, they will be blown away by Ringmaster!

Played indoors in large facilities or outdoors in a large area such as a soccer field. Game consists of between 18-24 participants. With a few modifications, even smaller groups can play. Players toss and run the rope ring around the playing field attempting to get it to a Ringmaster in 1 of 3 designated squares who must catch the ring on his catching stick.

Catching the ring in the largest square earns 6 points; medium square = 8 points, smallest square = 10 points. First team to 30 or more becomes Master of The Ring. As a scoring variant that adds strategic team thinking to the game you can require an exact score of 30 points to win with teams dropping back down to 20 points for going over 30.

We recommend you have at least 24 Poly Half Cones for creating the Ringmaster scoring squares (6 squares = 24 cones). See "Poly Half Cones" in the index. Sold separately.

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