Original Indo Board Balance Training Pack

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Beginners start balancing on the Indo Board by touching a wall or asking a partner to spot them, and a mat or carpet can be used to slow the rocking motion. As students progress from the Indo Board alone, to the inflatable IndoFLO cushion, then on to the hi-impact plastic roller, their confidence will improve. Once students have mastered balance, add bean bags, free weights or medicine balls to deepen core strength. The Indo Board platform, made of cabinet-grade plywood, can first be used alone, then made more challenging by adding additional balance elements. Maximum weight limit is 250 lbs. Natural wood fi nish Indo Board deck includes an IndoFLO Cushion and an Indo Roller. Indo Board deck is 18” x 30” and textured for super grip. Indo Roller is 6 1/2” x 18” and creates the maximum amount of stability for core training. IndoFLO Cushion is 14” long and adds more core challenge. Adjust the degree of instability with the level of inflation.

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