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Speed Stacks (Cupstacking)

Sport Stacking is an amazing sport of fitness, agility, concentration and quickness.

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Speed Stacks® Sets

Item C-61X

A fun and challenging way to improve hand-eye coordination, Speed Stacks have been proven to increase reaction time by up to 30%. Formerly known as cup stacking, stack and unstack specially designed cups in sequence. Try to improve time with each attempt or race against others as individuals or in teams. Beneficial for ambidexterity, quickness and concentration. Available in sets of 12, Speed Stacks sport stacks are designed for maximum speed as well as safe and easy use.
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Speed Stacks Starter Packs

Item G-61XXPK

Starting at: $58.99
Everything you need to get started! Starter Pack includes:
• Generation 3 Mat
• PRO Timer
• Gear bag
• Set of 12 Speed Stacks

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Speed Stacks Sport Packs


Starting at: $445.99
Provides everything necessary to establish a sport stacking program. Learn More
Jumbo Speed Stacks

Item OS-105JMB

Jumbo Stacks (12" high) provide a perfect way to turn up the fun and add more movement at the same time. Floor relays and doubles stacking are a whole new challenge with these large scale cups. Three different color sets of 12 Jumbo cups (36 total) are included so the whole class can participate at once.
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Stack Spots

Item 105SS

Stack Spots™ indicate a place to do a specific activity. They combine Sport Stacking and fitness activities to enhance the fitness aspects of sport stacking. Contains 10 Stacking Spots, 10 Fitness Spots and instructions. Each Spot is about 9" high and 7" wide. Learn More
Speed Stacks Tournament Display

Item 105TD

Tournament Display for sport stacking (formerly cup stacking) plugs into the StackMat® and shows the stacker's time in large illuminated digits. Components include: post & clamp, rotating LED display unit and connection cable. Display is now 12" and only 4 lbs. Speed Stacks sold separately. Learn More
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