Adjustable Targets

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Gill Women's Official 1kg Rubber Discus
ITEM #: 310


Adjustable Target
ITEM #: 10230


Adjustable Targets (set of 3)
ITEM #: 10233


Adjustable Targets (set of 9)
ITEM #: 10239


Pickle Ball Swinger Paddle
ITEM #: 102


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This height-adjustable target has a built-in net catcher for flying disks, bean bags, foam footballs, softballs and more. Use it for games and skill development. The 12" x 32" wide target can be easily adjusted to heights of 45", 49", 53", 57" and 61". Stands secure in its own base that you fill with sand or water. Available individually, in a set of 3, or in a set of 9.

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