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Created by Sandy "Spin" Slade, Basketball Skillastics™ is a game that displays 26 basketball drills on a 5' x 7' vinyl mat. Game play: Divide a class into 6 teams. Students take turns rolling their team's die and the team performs the skill described in the directions on the square landed upon, using a color-coded beanbag as the game piece. Laminated game board is included for each team to use for easy reference. Ideal for grades 2 through 8. Non-competitive. Improves teamwork, coordination, cooperation and communication. For 6 to 60 players. Materials Included: one 5' x 7' vinyl game mat, six 3" colored die, six colored beanbags, six laminated game boards, detailed instructional booklet and a nylon storage bag. Package Includes: Basketball Skillastics game and 4 6-Color sets of intermediate size rubber basketballs.

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