Indian Glass Flex Fiberglass Bows

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Product Name Price Qty
Wizard 44" Fiberglass Archery Bow
ITEM #: RG40


Crusader 51" Fiberglass Archery Bow
ITEM #: 34B


Titan 60" FIberglass Archery Bow
ITEM #: 25B


Firebird 60" Fiberglass Archery Bow
ITEM #: 20B


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Glass Flex target bows with wide-working recurve limbs with full taper, full sized molded handles with a checkered grip. Fits left and right-handed shooters. Available in four sizes. Lengths are measured when strung. WIZARD 44" long. Draw weight: 10-18 lbs. Draw length: 17"-24". For ages 5-10. CRUSADER 51" long. Draw weight: 10-20 lbs. Draw length: 20"-28". For ages 9+. TITAN 59" long. Draw weight: 25-29 lbs. Draw length: 22"-28". For ages 12+. FIREBIRD 59" long. Draw weight: 30-35 lbs. Draw length: 22"-28". For ages 12+.

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