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Team Dodge-Bowl

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  • Dodge-Bowl includes 10 plastic bowling pins
  • Dodge-Bowl includes a set of 6 dodgeballs
  • Dodge-Bowl includes a storage bag

Team Dodge-Bowl


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Team Dodge-Bowl is a popular activity played with multiple rule variations. The objective: players attempt to knock-down the opposing teams' pins. One variation calls for hit team members to join the opposing team. Another variation has them moving to a work "out" area of the gym. Yet another variation has hit team members moving to a "jail" waiting to be released by the felling of another pin. There are lots of variations, but they all involve a lot of fun and high energy action. Set includes a set of 10 rainbow bowling pins, 6 Shark Skin foam Dodgeballs, a nylon mesh storage bag and a set of rules to get you started.
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