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Ultimate Frisbee Class Pack

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  • Class Pack includes 12 Ultimate discs
  • Class Pack includes 16 12" vinyl cones
  • Class Pack includes 12 red deluxe nylon pinnies
  • Class Pack includes 12 blue deluxe nylon pinnies
  • Class Pack includes open reel 300' measuring tape
  • Class Pack includes Essential Ultimate book
  • The entire contents of the Class Pack are conveniently stored & transported in the included Wilson gear bag

Ultimate Frisbee Class Pack

Item 20017

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Teach the fundamentals of Ultimate, play frisbee games, and set up drills enough for 24 students.

Ultimate Frisbee Class Pack includes:
• 12 175g Ultimate discs
• 16 12" vinyl cones
• 12 red deluxe nylon pinnies
• 12 blue deluxe nylon pinnies
• Open reel 300' measuring tape
• Wilson gear team bag
• Essential Ultimate book
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